About Us


Welcome to The Chilli Tribe, where we are passionate about introducing all of your Tribe to the exciting world of chilli.  We are a family-owned business led by founder and creator, Steve Tribe. With his passion for flavour combinations and his culinary expertise as a chef, Steve embarked on a mission to bring flavour packed products, enhanced with spice, to your taste buds.

Established in 2017, The Chilli Tribe specializes in hot sauces that will make your mouth water and your senses tingle. We hope that  our unique range of flavours and chilli peppers will take you on a journey you won't soon forget.

At The Chilli Tribe, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of traditional hot sauces - focusing on developing perfectly balanced sauces and chutneys enhanced by different chilli peppers.   That's why we've created some truly mind-blowing combinations, like our Spiced Indian Mango Chutney, Raspberry and Prosecco, Lime, Jalapeno & Tequila and Smoked Bubblegum Sauce.

Whether you're a seasoned spice lover or just starting to explore the world of heat, we have something for everyone. Our sauces are carefully crafted to strike the perfect balance between flavour and fire. We source the finest ingredients and use innovative techniques to ensure that each bottle delivers a taste experience like no other.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can join The Chilli Tribe and elevate your meals to new heights? Our sauces are not just condiments; they're conversation starters, taste bud tantalizers, and culinary game-changers. Get ready to ignite your palate and spice up your life!

Join our tribe today and let the flavour revolution begin!


Photo of founder, Steve Tribe, soaking up the sun at one of the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches.  











Where to find us

The Chilli Tribe can be found at Eumundi Markets - Parkside - every Wednesday & Saturday and Cotton Tree Markets on Sundays.

Check out Facebook & Instagram posts for up-to-date information. #thechillitribe

Spiced Indian Mango Chutney

Spiced Indian Mango Chutney - The Chilli Tribe's best settling product... even the crab doesn't want to let it go!

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